British Football Hooligan CCTV Footage
"Collection Of The Finest Football Hooligan Footage"
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Cardiff Soul Crew vs Chelsea Headhunter 2010

Cardiff City vs Southampton  2009

Birmingham Zula Army vs Aston Villa Hardcore
"Battle Of Rocky Lane"  

Leeds Service Crew vs Cardiff City Soul Crew - 2005

Watford vs Luton Town - 2002

Wolves Subway Army vs Burney Suicide Squad - 2000  

Wrexham Town Vs Cardiff City 2001

Wrexham Town vs Port Vale

Wolves Subway Army vs West Brom Section 5 - "Amsterdam 2002"

Millwall vs Huddersfield - Date Unknown

Luton Migs vs Forest Executive Crew - 2007  


Millwall vs Huddersfield - 2013

Huddersfield vs Leeds Service Crew- 2012


Arsenal Gooners vs Galatasaray- 2000

Chelsea Headhunters vs Benfica 2013 "Amsterdam"